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Comparison with other Institute

Why Our Training is Unique?
  1. Ashore Training-: Twelve (12) months training in Approved Institute or (College) shore based in India.
  2. Onboard Training-: 24 months of sailing with Distance Learning Program (DLP).
  3. Ashore Training-: 8-12 months of ashore training (India/ UK (for 2nd Mate Examination)







  1. 12 months (Program) :      RS 4,00,000
  2. 24 months (sailing) :          RS 3,00,000
  3. DLP:                                   RS 1,00,000
  4. 8-12 months (program) :   RS 8,00,000
    (2nd Mate examination)

     TOTAL RS                       16,00,000


Please Note-:

(I) Point no (2) includes fee if candidate is not selected by any Company for 24 months Sea-time.
(II) If candidate is selected by any Company he will need to pay only fees for DLP.

  1. Duration-: Total time taken to become a 2/Off will be 44-48 months.
  2. Additional fees for VALUE ADDED courses amounting USD 4000-5000 mentioned in NZ column.



  1. Ashore Training-: Only three (3) months training on a School Ship conducting Real Time training course on a Ship RTS Sindbad in UAE with Visa
  2. Onboard Training-: 3+12 months of sailing on board in our partner’s modern fleet of Ship with Distance Learning Program (DLP).
  3. Ashore Training-: 5 months of training at New Zealand Maritime School (Also receive Degree in nautical science from Banasthali University) with your first license as an officer in Charge of Navigation watch of a foreign going ship from NZ maritime.


  1. Training program stage 1,2 & 3 
    As per details in fee structure:
    Rs 15,00,000.
  2. Stage 3- Living in NZ: 3,00,000
    TOTAL Rs                                18,00,000




Please Note-:
(I) $ 27,000 is equivalent to Rs 15,00,000 @ the rate of
1 USD =Rs 56 /-

  1. Duration-: Total time taken to become 2/Off will be 23-24 months.
  2. During the training in New Zealand for 5 months you will get the below mentioned Courses FREE
    1. Oil Tanker Familirisation Course
    2. Proficiency in Survival Craft and Rescue Boat.
    3. Medical First Aid.
    4. Global Maritime Distress and Safety System.
    5. Bridge Resource Management.
    6. Bridge Team Management.


When our NZ Program is compared to the Indian or UK training program our candidates will get his first license almost 21 months earlier than his peers !!! thereby not only becomes Senior but also earns at least $ 42,000 (Rs 23,50,000) more than others. The payback time for the fees is faster and efficient.