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Sea cargo transportation takes 99% of the world cargo market and leaves...

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  • Because we do course on the ship instead of shore based academy or school the study period is considered as as double and makes our course a fast track course. The seatime requirement to log for first license is reduced thus student can complete and get his first license as an officer of the navigational watch of unlimited / unrestricted type within a period of 2 years. At RTSS you have clearly :
  • saved 2 years of your lifetime
  • earned rather than still paying fees for this saved time
  • gained seniority by 2 years
  • by the age of 20 years you are independent accomplishing 1st goal of the lifelong learning
  • learned through hand on training giving you more confidence making the complex subjects simple
  • gained knowledge for the practical MBA and leadership
  • gained degree in BSc Nautical science